SaintBaby prams because the environment concerns us all

We only ship directly from production and do not operate any intermediate storage facilities. We therefore store our prams dismantled, which allows us to save an incredible amount of storage space. The saving of storage space means directly for the environment: less built-up area - less energy demand - less heating demand. As soon as you order a pram, it is assembled to fit. This means that a quality check and a function check are carried out immediately before dispatch. The direct dispatch from the production to you takes place of course exclusively in cardboard boxes made of recycled cardboard. This not only saves resources, but also pollutes the waste water much less than cardboard boxes made of primary fibres. Even though we do not exclusively offer prams from our own production, we attach great importance to environmental awareness and resource-saving work with all our partners.

saintbaby production
SaintBaby boxes

In manufacturing, we completely dispense with long supply chains. All parts and components are manufactured directly in the vicinity. In this way, we not only support the regional economy, but also ensure lower CO2 emissions. All suppliers refrain from using environmentally harmful processes and chemicals. All metal parts are either painted with a water-based varnish or coated. All external work is exclusively carried out regionally - mostly in the direct vicinity. We try to produce zero waste in all areas. A good example is the cutting of the fabrics. All cuttings are shredded and later serve as filling for various articles. The same applies to foam, of course. By conserving resources, we not only protect the environment, but can also offer you better prices at the same time.

Spare parts supply is also an important point. When the child has outgrown the pram, it unfortunately usually ends up in storage that is not always optimal. If another child is on the way, you will have to buy a complete new set for many prams. With us, you can easily reorder all relevant components even years later. And for all components that you cannot replace yourself, our workshop is the ideal solution. This way we spare the planet and you continue to have the pram of your dreams. And if a defect should occur with your first child, you always have a 365-day-a-year service with us.

Saintbaby Social
SaintBaby Spare parts

Of course, we are also aware of our social responsibility. This does not only extend to our employees and their families. We try to be socially active on a wider scale. We therefore regularly donate to needy families who would otherwise not be able to afford a pram. We see it as our duty to make this planet a better place. Only if we all work together towards this goal can we achieve it. It is also important that no one is disadvantaged in our entire supply chains. We therefore pay strict attention to fair wages in all areas.