Car seat reboarder from birth up to 18 kg rotatable Isofix Rotario by SaintBaby

The ROTARIO car seat is a comfortable and safe solution

for your child from birth up to 18 kg. Thanks to the 360° rotation function, the seat is not only comfortable for your child, but also for you. Discover many new possibilities through the lateral positioning of the seat when parking. Putting a child in his seat has never been so easy. The integrated ISOFIX base with the support foot adjustable in two levels increases safety, eliminates the risk of incorrect installation of the seat in the car and improves stability, even if the seat is transported without a child ( nothing rattles here). The possibility of backward-facing transport of children up to 18 kg corresponds to the latest safety test results, which clearly show that this position is optimal.

Reboarders (RWF) are ideal for children up to 18 kg and offer more safety than other systems.

309,97 €
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