Car seat reboarder from birth up to 36 kg rotatable Isofix Convert by SaintBaby

Convert is one of the most versatile and comfortable child seats on the market.

Thanks to the ISOFIX fastening system and the possibility of backward-facing transport of a child up to 18 kg (RWF up to 18 kg), the Convert is also a safety seat. The integrated ISOFIX base minimizes the possibility of errors when installing the seat in the car and the possibility of rear-facing transport of children up to 18 kg corresponds to the latest safety test results, which clearly prove this position as optimal

When transporting a child in a backward position, the extremely dangerous effect of turning the child''s head in a frontal impact, collision or even emergency braking prevented from tearing forward. Remember that a child''s neck muscles are not as developed as those of an adult. RWF child seats up to 18 kg enable the rear-facing transport of a child, often even up to the age of 4

The Convert is also an extremely comfortable and functional seat. Thanks to the 360° rotation function, the seat is comfortable not only for your child, but also for you. Discover many new possibilities through the lateral positioning of the seat when parking. Accommodating a child has never been so easy. Turn the seat sideways to the car door, put the child inside, and then with one movement, place the seat backwards depending on the child''s weightbackwards or forwards.

The Convert car seat has a 4-way tilt adjustment. Positions 1 to 3 are for forward-facing children, position 4 is the most inclined position for rear-facing children up to 18 kg.
The Convert car seat grows with your child. The system of reduction inserts and the multi-stage height adjustment of the backrest and headrest allow the use of the child seat from birth up to 36 kg.

The Convert is one of the most versatile car seats on the market, which at the same time makes it an extremely economical solution as it can be used safely for many years.

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