Retro strollers in direct comparison to the modular stroller

Arne Forjahn
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Retro strollers in direct comparison to the modular stroller - Retro stroller vs. modular stroller comparison | SaintBaby

You want to know who wins this fight? Which technique is the better one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the respective design?

We wondered what the better choice is, the retro stroller or the modern modular stroller. A short question-and-answer session in the office showed directly that this question is not easy to answer. That is why we have decided to show the important points for you in a direct comparison. 

Let's start right on the ground at the tyres and slowly work our way up.

The first big difference between retro strollers is 4 fixed tyres, the modular stroller has 2 fixed tyres and 2 360 degree swivel tyres with a blocking function. The manoeuvrability of the retro stroller is therefore in need of getting used to. For a cornering ride, the car must be with 2 tires in the air. You can either lean easily on the handle or lift it. Only in this way is it possible to drive a bend. However, if you want to use an uneven road a path in the forest or the like, then the large tires of the retro stroller are excellent. Due to the large tyres, the Retro stroller drives excellently even in bad surfaces. However, the narrow tyres also have drawbacks. On sand, pushing the stroller quickly becomes exhausting. 

Thanks to the swivel tyres, the modular stroller almost turns on the spot. Tight shops and narrow corridors are no problem. Here, the modular stroller can fully exploit its advantages. However, when it goes into nature or the road gets worse, the rotatable tires quickly catch to lose track. Against this problem, the swivel tires have a blocking function. This prevents the tire from turning and making straight driving much easier. Due to the smaller tyres, it is a little more strenuous to push the stroller, especially in the forest or in nature in general. 

Who wins the tyres?  Here we give 3 stars for the modular stroller and 2 for the retro stroller

The next step is the suspension. There are so many suspension systems on both sides, all of which are excellent, that there is no winner here. Your baby is optimally protected in both variations.

Now we come to the frame. 

With the retro stroller, the frame is not suitable for a small trunk due to the large shopping basket and the large tires. Of course, you can also remove the tyres to save some space, but the modular stroller is clearly at an advantage here. Thanks to special folding systems, modular strollers can be perfectly folded together. The tyres can be removed optionally, but this is usually not necessary. Even a small trunk is enough for most modular strollers.

Thus, there are again 3 stars for the modular stroller and 2 for the retro stroller

The attachments and the adjustment of the grip height are given in both variants, so we do not go into this here.

The winner is from the technical point of view of the modular strollers. The retro stroller, on the other hand, is something for lovers. Here the optics are in the foreground. Of course, a retro stroller is an ideal companion and fulfills its purpose excellently. In our test, however, the modular stroller has a head start. 

Which stroller you decide on at the end, with a SaintBaby stroller you are always excellent on the road.