With SaintBaby you have the freedom to choose...

Modular prams

With SaintBaby you have the freedom to choose for yourself. You can choose between 2in1 without infant carrier, 3in1 with infant carrier and 4in1 with infant carrier and Isofix base. With us, the pram adapts to your needs. You don't have to buy anything you don't need with our prams. The modular prams are the most common design. The interchangeable attachments make the pushchair particularly light and the swivelling tyres provide the necessary manoeuvrability. Our advisors will help you find the right pram 365 days a year and answer all your technical questions before you buy.

Modular prams

Pram frame
  • The frame is the heart of a modular pram. All attachments can be mounted on the frame. (Mounting possible in both directions)
  • The frame of all SaintBaby prams has a suspension with adjustable hardness.
  • Our prams have a large, practical shopping basket at the bottom of the pram frame.
  • The handle height is ergonomically adjustable for each model.
  • All frames can be folded in seconds to save space in your car boot.
  • The brake is centrally located in the frame of the pram and can be operated intuitively.
Pram baby seat
  • The baby seat is available as an option for all pushchairs. You only need the infant carrier when you are travelling in the car. 
  • The infant carrier can be attached to the pram frame.
  • Depending on the model, the infant carriers are suitable for babies up to about 6 months, or up to a weight of 13 kilograms.
  • The baby car seat is mounted in the car against the direction of travel. 
  • If you place your baby on the passenger seat, make sure that you deactivate the airbag.
Pram Baby Carrycot
  • The carrycot forms the classic standard pram
  • This attachment can be used from the first day until your baby can sit upright on its own.
  • The large lying surface offers freedom of movement and allows your baby to move around freely.
  • The sun canopy provides optimal protection from too much sunlight
Pushchair Sport seat Buggy
  • The pushchair seat is for babies and toddlers who can sit upright on their own (without help).
  • The large sun canopy protects your child from harmful UV rays.
  • The backrest and footrest can be adjusted to create a flat lying surface, which is ideal for a short nap, especially on long trips.
  • The attachment can be mounted in both directions
  • The integrated 5-point harness in combination with the safety bar protects your child from falling out of the seat.
Isofix base
  • The isofix base or Isofix holder is attached to the designated places in your car.
  • Thanks to the Isofix system, you can securely fix the infant carrier in your car with just one click, eliminating the need to buckle and secure the infant carrier with the harness.
  • The Isofix station remains in the car and is always ready for use.
Changing bag for pram
  • A changing bag is a must for every pram and is included free of charge with every pram.
  • In the changing bag you can store everything important within easy reach
  • All diaper bags can be comfortably attached to the push handle.
Pushchair wheels
  • All modular prams have large rear tyres with a replaceable brake pinion.
  • The front wheels can be swivelled 360 degrees, making these prams particularly manoeuvrable.
  • Both front tyres can be locked when driving off-road. This makes the pram particularly quiet and safe.
  • Most of our prams have puncture-free tyres - you can find more information in the description or from our support team.
Free gift with every pram
  • However, prams only become complete with our free accessories.
  • Each changing bag therefore contains a few important accessories, including a rain cover, a mosquito net and a drink holder that can be attached to the handle.
Modular strollers, also known as combination strollers, are versatile and adaptable. The modular stroller gets its name because of its flexible, modular elements that can be assembled or used separately for the baby.

Flexible strollers - advantages at a glance

Modular strollers usually have a removable seat unit or a baby tray that can be used as a standalone stroller element or as a baby seat, for the car. Also, modular strollers usually have more storage options and features than standard strollers, making them perfect for families who travel a lot.

If you're looking for a stroller that can do it all, a modular stroller is a great choice.

What are important features of a modular stroller?

Different attachments that meet all your needs

A modular stroller is a practical, space-saving combination stroller that combines different types of strollers. The modular stroller sets consist of a combination of several elements:

  • The base: the stroller frame + wheels.
  • The carrycot/crib
  • The infant carrier/car seat with or without ISOFIX
  • The seat unit/stroller attachment
  • Accessories

In addition to the various attachments, there are other functions and features that make the modular set a practical companion.

Practical features

A modular stroller is a specially designed stroller designed to carry children safely and comfortably:

  • Combination strollers are usually equipped with 5-point restraint straps that keep the child securely in the seat.
  • In addition, most models have a hand brake and a safety bar that prevents the child from sliding out of the seat.
  • The backrest is usually adjustable, so that the seat unit can be adapted to the size of the child.
  • Many strollers are also designed to save space and fold easily, making them ideal for travel. The folding size of many models is very small, so the stroller easily fits in the trunk of a car.
  • The tires on most strollers have suspension to compensate for jerks and shocks, providing a smoother ride.
  • A diaper bag and a large storage basket, in which you will find plenty of storage space for all the essentials you and your child need for an outing.
  • In addition, most modular strollers have a sun canopy, with UV protection, which is perfect for days when you want to protect your baby from the sun's rays.
  • Finally, most modular strollers have an adjustable push bar, so you can adjust the height of the stroller to suit your needs.

Where do you want to primarily use your stroller?

Before you decide on a stroller, you should be clear about where and, more importantly, what kind of terrain you want to travel with your children:


Do they like jogging off-road or walking in the forest, on meadows and on uneven paths?- Then a combi stroller is suitable, which is suitable for off-road use and in the best case has large tires with air chamber cushioning.


Or are you more likely to be out and about in the city, in the park and on paved surfaces?- Then it could be of great advantage to have swivel wheels on your stroller to be especially agile and maneuverable. Most modular strollers are equipped with swivel wheels.

Unique design options

With our products, you have the choice of what you would like to have included:

Customizable strollers for your needs

Almost all combination strollers in our online store offer parents the option to buy the item with or without a car seat and with or without ISOFIX. Choose for yourself what is important for you and your children. Stroller seat and carrycot are included with each model.

Individual strollers in great designs

In addition to the different elements, you can look at offers in different colors and with different patterns in the store. There are classic strollers in one or two colors, different fabrics and patterns. Whether gold, blue or pink, with beautiful polka dots, floral and animal patterns, you will definitely find a design and style that suits you.

Which stroller can be made quite small?

One of the great advantages of modular strollers is the small folding size. This flexible stroller is designed to fold easily and quickly. The thoughtful and space-saving design makes the stroller ideal to be able to transport in the car or on the train.

So you can take your own stroller with you on vacation. The practical handles on the stroller make it easy to transport when folded, so you can carry it comfortably in the trunk or on the train.

Modular strollers are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages. They are safe, comfortable and easy to use, making them the ideal choice for parents who want the best for their children. Discover our wide selection of premium products at a great price!

When to switch from stroller to baby carriage?

Customizable strollers, such as this practical category of modular strollers is very practical and known for growing with your children. The different attachments are designed for different stages.

The bassinet, which can also be used as a carrycot, will serve you well, especially in the first six months after birth. It is suitable for giving your baby a comfortable and safe lying position while you go for a walk together.

At some point, when your toddler is old enough to hold his head independently and can sit on his own, it's time for the buggy. Buggies consist of the base of the stroller and a seat unit. Now your child can discover the world from a different angle!