if you are looking for the charm of the past...

Retro pram

if you are looking for the charm of the past combined with modern technology, then you will find our retro prams here. Our nostalgic prams are high quality and durable. Of course, all of them are DIN EN 1888 compliant. the safety of your baby is the most important thing to us.



Retro pram frame
  • The frame is the most important part of a retro pram.
  • The suspension is integrated directly into the frame and is particularly comfortable
  • Just like modular prams, the frame can be folded away
  • All our retro prams have a safe central brake that is operated with the foot
  • All attachments of the retro pram can be mounted on the frame in both directions
Baby seat for pram
  • The baby car seat, as the name suggests, is used for safe transport in the car.
  • With the belt, the baby car seat can be securely fixed in the car in just a few seconds.
  • Of course, the baby car seat can also be fixed to the retro pram frame.
Baby Carrycot for Retro Pram
  • The carrycot forms the classic pram and usually offers a very large lying surface in retro prams.
  • The soft mattress is, of course, already included in every set.
  • The weather cover and the sun bonnet provide optimum protection from sun and wind
Sport seat for retro pram
  • As soon as your baby can sit on its own, it is time for the sport seat.
  • The sport seat for retro prams is suitable up to the age of 4.
  • The seat converts to a flat lying surface with a flick of the wrist, this is an important function especially on outings
  • The sun canopy is extra large to provide optimal protection from the sun, a weather canopy for the legs is included in each set.
Isofix option to our pushchairs
  • Isofix is for all those who like it particularly comfortable and simple.
  • The isofix base is mounted in your car and makes it easy to secure the infant carrier. With just one click, the infant carrier is attached to the isofix base.
  • This system is particularly comfortable
Retro pram wheels
  • 4 identical wheels add to the special charm of the retro pram
  • In practice it means for you to make a turn 2 wheels must be in the air, you can either lift the handle or lean slightly on it
Pram Diaper Bag
  • A changing bag is included with each of our retro prams
  • The changing bag is conveniently attached to the push handle
  • Everything important is therefore immediately at hand
Free gift with every pram
  • With every retro pram from us you will receive a few useful accessories as a gift.
  • Included are, for example, the mosquito net and the rain cover, as well as other surprises.

3 reasons why you should buy a retro pram.

1. prams: practical, reliable and stylish 
Prams have been an indispensable companion for little earthlings not only since our parenting or even grandparenting days. These practical vehicles not only offer comfort and safety, but also the opportunity to transport your offspring around in style - as retro prams impressively demonstrate.

2.Retro prams: How did this trend come about? 
The trend towards retro-inspired prams has become increasingly strong in recent years. Many young parents opt for such a pram because it is not only modern but also practical. But what is so special about this trend? Where does it come from and what advantages does it offer? The origin of the trend is in the USA. In big cities like New York or Los Angeles, people are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. It is often the case that old things are rediscovered - and this is also how the retro pram came about. Americans have rediscovered old models from the 1950s and 1960s and reinterpreted them. These models offer many advantages: they are robust, stable and have a modern design. In the 1950s, the first prams were on the market that inspire this trend today, and most models had a round design. Then in the 1970s the first square prams were produced and in the 1980s there were the first buggy models. A lot has changed since then and nowadays there are countless different models of prams. The retro pram combines many of the style elements of these pram generations. Many parents choose retro prams because they are not only practical but also look very stylish.

3. the advantages and disadvantages of a retro pram 
The advantages and disadvantages of a retro pram are many. Most parents love the classic designs of these prams, but there are also some disadvantages that should be considered. 


  •  1. classic design: retro prams just look great. They are stylish and reminiscent of another era. Many parents love the classic look of these and the large wheels. 
  • 2. robustness: Retro prams are very robust and durable. Since they are usually made of high quality materials, they last a long time and can withstand frequent use well. 
  • 3. safety: Retro prams offer a high level of safety for your child. Of course, all models at SaintBaby comply with DIN EN 1888. 
  • 4. comfort: Retro prams offer a very high level of comfort for your child. As they are usually wider and also offer larger lying surfaces, your child is very comfortable on the move. The suspension is also far superior to other pram systems. The belt suspension in particular stands out when it comes to comfort.


  • 1. price: Retro prams are usually a little more expensive than conventional prams. On the one hand, only very high quality materials are used and on the other hand, the production is much more time-consuming, as there is more manual work involved.
  • 2. weight: Retro prams are usually somewhat heavier than conventional prams. This is mainly due to the larger dimensions and the sturdy frame. The high-quality workmanship also increases the weight.
  • 3. size: Retro prams usually take up a little more space than conventional prams. This is mainly due to the larger frame and the generally larger dimensions. You should check in advance whether the retro pram will fit in your boot when folded.

4. conclusion
In conclusion, we can say that buying a retro pram is definitely worth the effort and money. Not only are they stylish, but they are also very practical. So if you are looking for a pram for your baby, you should definitely consider buying a retro pram.

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