Travel System Retro Stroller Pram 2in1 3in1 Set Isofix Nostalgica by SaintBaby

SaintBaby Nostalgica Retro Stroller

This pram will inspire you immediately. Its beautiful colours and patterns underline the charm of this pram. The large spoke pneumatic wheels make every walk an experience. The special suspension will make your baby feel like lying on a cloud. The frame can be folded quickly and easily without any problems. The low total weight makes it easy to stow the pram in the boot. The Nostalgica pram grows with your baby and accompanies you until the age of 4. You can choose between 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 or the 4 in 1 set with Isofix base. At SaintBaby you can buy the pram that suits your life.








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