Twin Pram stroller Sibling stroller Junama Mirror Duo Slim by SaintBaby

SaintBaby presents the Junama Duo Slim twin stroller

Double happiness, double joy and pride, but also double responsibility and challenges. This is where the DUO SLIM comes in the right place. Most strollers for 2 are so wide that you will need your own road. These wide strollers do not fit through any door, quite different from our DUO SLIM. Due to the special arrangement of the attachments (one behind the other in different heights), this stroller is not only optimal for twins, but also for siblings. You can combine the essays the way you need them. This stroller adapts optimally to your life. This stroller offers the children an enormous Space, but at the same time is so small that you can fit through every door and also get into any store without any problems. The high-performance ball bearings of the tires make pushing particularly easy and comfortable. Of course, a stroller for twins and siblings needs more space in the trunk than a model for just one child, but the frame can still be folded up really small.

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